1. 📊 Enhancement: We've added a stats page to our holiday tracker, now you can measure the fun you're having on your vacation. It's like a calorie tracker for your memories. Image
  2. 👀 Enhancement: We've added a stats page to our follow-up's as well. This new feature will allow users to view detailed statistics and insights into their follow-up activities. Image
  3. 🔔 New Feature Alert: Tired of coordinating your team's messages? Let our sup bot be your DJ, now team members can submit their responses at different times and the bot will play them all at the right time. A DJ for your team's conversational needs! Image

  1. 📈 Holiday Tracker has gotten better(Improvements made to tracker)!!
  2. 🎁 A complimentary trial of our holiday tracking feature is now available for existing users.

  1. 🏖️ We launched Holiday Tracker!! Image

  1. 🔴 Highlight Blockers: In the Slack channel, blockers are now highlighted in red to indicate that they require more attention.
  2. 📈 Followup stats via Draxlr Image
  3. 🤝 Google Sheets: We enjoy integrating! Connect GoogleSheets to Sup, and at the end of each month, Sup will create a new file in GoogleSheets for the follow-up with the monthly report of all members. Image
  4. 👨‍💻 UI/UX improvements.
  5. 🏆 Clearly distinguished between pro feature and standard feature.

  1. ⌛ New follow-up frequencies are available. You can customize your follow-ups to be weekly, biweekly, or monthly. Image
  2. ✍️ Followup summary: After two hours of follow-up, the Slack channel will receive a summary of the number of respondents, members on leave, average mood, and pending members.
  3. 👋 When the member receives the initial follow-up message, additional specifics have been added.
  4. 🔔 Notify: When a team member posts a follow-up response, there is now a way to notify the appropriate people by tagging them in the channel conversation.

  1. ✏️ Duplicate follow-up: It is now easier to create similar follow-ups by simply clicking the duplicate button.
  2. 🐛 Bug fixes.
  3. 👨‍💻 UI/UX improvements.

  1. ⏳ Followup level timezone: You can now trigger follow-ups based on a custom time or workspace timezone.
  2. 🥳 Preset templates: We are pleased to announce the launch of follow-up templates. You now have templates for retrospectives, daily standups, timesheets, EOD reports, weekly standups, etc. Image
  3. 📝 Formatting options: Markdown mode for creating a bullet list.
  4. 🏆 Tooltips for features: Feature explanations and hints on hovering.
  5. 📈 Analytics: Get analytics of the percentage fill rate on the last day of follow-up.

  1. 🚀 Access Control: Who can see the follow-up and who can make changes to it are both things that can be restricted now on Sup. Image
  2. ✍️ Limited follow-up queries Options text up to 70.

  1. 🐛 Bug fixes.
  2. 🐛 And more bug fixes.

  1. 🥳 Changeable mood names Image
  2. 🐛 Bug fixes.
  3. 👓 Improved UI.

  1. 📝 The ability to edit "Not working today." If you accidentally clicked on the button, you can now undo it.
  2. 💪 As an alternative to plain text, there are more response options. (Additional response choices beyond simple text.) Image
  3. ✨A choice to personalize or disable the outro message.
  4. 🤩 The weekly mood summary is now shared on the Slack channel. Image